Treatment, from the Inside

Remember the movie Minority Report?  Everybody had those computer screens projected into mid-air so you could stand in the middle of a bunch of images swiping information around with your hands and layering it until you have the view that you need?  Well, recently a friend asked me how I sort through the information patients give me as well as the various Chinese Medicine systems to make a particular treatment, and that’s probably the best way I can describe it.

The medicine itself has a few different systems: channel theory, spleen/stomach school, five element, Japanese style, Korean hand acupuncture, TCM, etc.  What all of them have in common is the idea that everything is, at its most basic level, qi interacting in different ways.  Qi gets translated as “energy” so often, but really, it’s just What Makes Up Reality.  It’s everything from your soul to your bones to lightning to rocks.  Life happens when certain types of qi interact and communicate in certain ways.  There has to be enough flexibility and resilience in the system to account for the things that happen in the outside environment, as well as enough internal movement to keep all your natural life cycles going.

When you come to see me, my job is to figure out what aspects of your qi aren’t communicating properly, then determine the most efficient way to help re-establish communication and functional interaction.

Yea, I know, it sounds a little out there, but a lot of old Chinese Medicine theory is actually very similar to modern theoretical physics, and I like theoretical physics, so my work is actually, in my humble opinion, a great way of making science practical.

Many times Chinese Medicine is the last choice after the usual treatments haven’t worked, so I look at the situation from a different angle.  Basically I do my best to pay attention to you: even more than what you’re experiencing is how you’re experiencing it.

Your symptoms, your perceptions, sensations and opinions about what’s going on (whether it’s a broken ankle, headaches, anxiety or fertility) as well as the way you experience life in a larger sense, can help me choose the most appropriate, efficient tools to assist you.

Basically I do my best to step into your situation and viewpoint for a moment to see what treatment fits best, like standing in the middle of that computer with the screens all around me.

Many people I see aren’t aware of how important and unique their own experiences of life are, and since I’ve now admitted that my process of giving a treatment depends so heavily upon my connection with and understanding of your experience, I’d like to thank you for the honor of letting me see a glimpse of the world through your eyes.

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