The Scientist

If you had asked me ten years ago what career path I’d take, I would not have said “acupuncturist.”  Growing up in Indiana I never encountered acupuncture.  Mine was certainly an open-minded upbringing, but there are many topics that just didn’t get covered.

Actually, I loved the precise, methodical ways in which science explores the world around us.  We had a huge back yard and I spent hours playing, with friends or on my own, just observing the plants and animals around me.  With all my varied interests, I really thought I would end up as a research scientist in one field or another, quietly recording and decoding the mysteries of the natural world.

Fast-forwarding a few years, by the time I felt ready to pursue a graduate degree I realized that the lab life was not for me.  While many of my acupuncture colleagues have impressive, amazing stories of firsthand experience with acupuncture that led them to their careers, my journey was just as methodical and logical as you might expect from my early history.

After researching a number of careers in alternative medicine (to combine my love of science with both my love of people and a need for a holistic approach), acupuncture appeared to have the most scientific evidence behind it, and also showed a vast depth of knowledge with a detailed internal sense of logic over a history of thousands of years.

It also appealed to me because as I studied the material I began to see Chinese Medicine everywhere.  Far from a detached, philosophical system that was only relevant in the office, Chinese Medicine theory mirrored life everywhere I looked.

So often when I meet someone new and say, “I’m an Acupuncturist,” they ask some version of, “Does that stuff really work?”

In answer to that question, I say, not only does it work, but the theories and practical applications of Chinese Medicine are everywhere, even in the everyday Midwestern experience.  Read my blog posts to learn more about Chinese Medicine, how it interacts with and shapes my Midwestern experience, and how Chinese Medicine might affect you, too!

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