It’s One of Those Days.  Things aren’t going according to plan.  The Internet connection isn’t working.  Appointments are mixed up.  I’ve been unable to reach several people I need to get in touch with today, and the one task I could most efficiently get done at this moment is one that I just don’t like.  I was hoping to avoid it this afternoon by making myself busy with, well, anything else- actually, writing this could count as procrastination in that sense.

This is midsummer frustration. What, you may well ask, is so special about midsummer frustration as opposed to, say, fall or spring frustration?

Well, if you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you already know that frustration is usually a Wood-phase emotion.  Wood wants to grow, make changes, see things happen and all that, and something stops progress, pressure builds and we feel frustrated.

We are now, however, in the Fire season.  This week not only is it very hot, it is also ridiculously humid across much of the U.S.  What happens when you mix fire with water (not enough water to put it out, of course)?  Steam.  And that’s how a basic engine works.

So during midsummer, people whose constitutions need a little more fire, or a little more water, can find themselves with a bit more oomph, get a whole lot done, and feel productive and happy.

If, however, more steam is being created than can be used, it starts to build up a little too much pressure and there’s risk of an explosion.

So what’s to be done?

Five-phase relationships can help out here, once again.  This excess needs to be drained away, and whether the primary issue is with Fire or Water, Earth can help.

Earth comes after Fire in the Five-Phase cycle, so it effectively uses up excess Fire, and it also controls Water.

So the best way to manage midsummer frustration and get the Five-Phase cycle working more harmoniously again may be to ramp up the Earth phase.  Cook a meal and share it with someone.  Turn up your favorite music and sing along (singing is the Earth sound).  Before you come back to your own issues and frustrations, do something to help someone else.

Did that get the ball rolling again?

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