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Elements Acupuncture offers Chinese Medicine services in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

With affordable services and caring practitioners, we join you on your individual path to health. Whether you suffer from headaches or chronic fatigue, anxiety or sciatica, we will work with you and your other practitioners to come up with the best integrative plan for you.


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What to expect on your first visit:


Expect to talk about yourself at your first Acupuncture visit! We will spend time discussing your overall health as well as the particular symptoms that brought you to the office. It's important to include any diagnosis you have received from an MD, and also your individual  experience- you may have a certain diagnosis, but we treat you, not your diagnosis. Since Chinese Medicine is holistic, we consider other aspect of your life, such as sleep, digestion, and stress that you may or may not have thought of as related to your symptoms.

We also check your Chinese pulses (three places on each wrist) and take a look at your tongue (yes, really!) so don't brush your tongue the day you come in for your visit!

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